Happy Birthday, Colette!

img_0842On July 6 we celebrated Colette’s birthday! Although she normally takes her special day off of work, she was in the shop that day getting her Fluff on. This gave us the chance to surprise her with a dee-lish strawberry Boston cream pie. Our good friend Kathy even came by to join in the cake-eating festivities.

Fluff Dog fans already know what an awesome groomer Colette is, but in honor of her birthday I thought it’d be fun to share some things about her that you may not know…..

I’ll never forget the day Colette told me how big of an AC/DC fan she is. If they come on the radio while she’s driving around, she blasts her stereo. As an AC/DC fan myself, I loved learning this about her!  Prior to that conversation, I had only known about her enjoying zydeco and Hawaiian music (another fun fact — Colette is from the Big Island!). Both are musical genres I too like, but are obviously quite different from the explosive sounds of AC/DC.

Colette also loves Elvis and Jimmy Buffett, and her favorite Beatle is Paul. As far asimg_0843 celebrity crushes go, Vin Diesel has her heart. She loves Disneyland, and makes sure to go every year. She has even gone on vacation there with her good friend, Fluff Dog owner, Michelle.  

Here’s to wishing Colette a very happy birthday!!!

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