VIDEO: Blackjack & Peggy Sue Reunite

At the beginning of the month one of Fluff Dog’s clients, Blackjack, came in for his regular spa day. This visit was extra special though, as Blackjack was reunited with his beloved, Peggy Sue.

Peggy Sue had lived as a foster-pup for a few weeks with Blackjack and his human, Ken, before moving in with Michelle, the owner of Fluff Dog, and her family. She had formed quite a bond with Ken and Blackjack during her time with them, and she was delighted when they arrived.

While Ken was still in the shop visiting Peggy Sue, she seemed to have eyes only for him. Blackjack earnestly sought her attention with little success. But once Ken left the shop, Peggy and Blackjack were romping and strutting their way all over the place.

She is a sweet and spunky little pug. As you may know, Michelle loves pugs, and already has Dennis, who is regularly seen hanging out in the shop. Since Peggy Sue needed a home, it was a match made in heaven.
Does your pooch have a furry friend that they’re always are excited to visit? Feel free to share your story in the comments section below.


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