Fluff Dog of the Month: Yogi

Yogi’s glam shot

Meet Yogi! He’s a sweet and clever Lhasa Apso mix, and a regular at Fluff Dog Grooming. Yogi is our very first Fluff Dog of the Month! He was also our very first client, so we thought this is an honor well deserved.

I asked Yogi’s family some questions about him, so we all have the chance to get to know this special pooch a little bit more. Here’s what his mom had to say about him.


How did Yogi become part of your family?

This is a good story. Yogi was found wandering the Hollywood Hills in June 2007 by my sister’s neighbor. He had a collar on but no ID; his paws were covered in wet concrete from a construction site he had clearly gotten into; he was frantic but friendly. A trip to a vet with a chip scanner revealed no signs of an ID chip.

My sister’s friend kept him for a couple days and in the meantime searched shelters to see if anyone was looking for a dog meeting his description – but no. They expected “Lost Dog” signs to go up – but no.

My sister knew that my husband and I had lost our elderly Chihuahua mix 4 months

Yogi hanging out at Fluff Dog

earlier – she was convinced that we needed to drive to L.A. to adopt this darling little 6 pound dog who she claimed was not only the perfect petite size, but neutered, non-shedding, and house broken. So we made the drive and we brought him home to live with our older Westie, Chloe.

A trip to our local vet revealed that Yogi was just a pup – maybe 12 weeks – and not neutered as there was nothing to neuter yet at his young age! But the non-shedding and house broken part was right – and darn was he cute! His “finders” named him Teddy due to his resemblance to a stuffed animal, but that was my father-in-law’s name – too weird to name your dog after your dad – so we settled on Yogi after my husband’s favorite Yogi The Bear toy he had when he was a kid.

Does Yogi have a nickname(s)?

Yogurt, Yog, Cutie Pie, and his new Papa calls him “my Furry Son”.

What is one Yogi’s favorite toys or treats?

Yogi loves ALL food. So much so that his Papa tells him to “go to your spot” before being fed, and he’ll go all the way up the stairs and wait until he gets an “OK” to come down and eat! But his favorite of favorite treats is a chicken chewy from Trader Joes. And he actually does like yogurt!

When is Yogi happiest?

Other than treat time, he really loves hanging out with his Mama and Papa,

Another Yogi glam shot

especially in the front room when he can be on the back of the couch looking out the big window for friends and foes.

Does Yogi have any funny quirks that you’d like to share (i.e. barking at the TV when another dog appears on screen)?

Next door there lives a cat we call “Grey Kitty”. We think Yogi is in love with this cat. If we say “where’s Grey Kitty?” or “meow” he runs out his doggie door and starts growling, looking for her. Just the mention of Grey Kitty makes him look frantically around, as he’s doing right now while I read this out loud! He’s just the cutest!

Yogi getting “fluffed” by his favorite groomer, Michelle

Yogi is definitely part of the Fluff Dog family. Since we get to see him in the shop pretty often, we’ve gotten to see some of the cute quirks his mom mentioned.  We’ve all been witness to just how food motivated he is. If you want to get a good picture of Yogi, simply hold a treat up above the camera. Wa-la — you have yourself an adorable photo! Of course, he expects to be rewarded with the treat after being such a good model.

Michelle laughs about how talkative Yogi is while she’s grooming him. Just like humans during their hair styling appointments, Yogi likes to get things off his chest when he’s getting groomed!

We also have our nicknames for him. Most commonly heard is Gogurt, a slight variation of his family’s nickname for him, Yogurt. I like to call him Yogi Bear too (yes, I leave out the “the” in Yogi the Bear), which inevitably turns into my horrible impressions of the cartoon character.

All of us at Fluff Dog are so grateful to have Yogi and his family as clients. I’d also like to thank to his family for taking the time to share more about him with us.


Does your dog have any cute nicknames or funny quirks like Yogi? Feel free to share your stories in the comments section below.

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