Fundraising For Pulmonary Fibrosis

img_1494Pulmonary fibrosis is a tragic disease affecting thousands of people throughout the world. When the lungs are impaired and scarred pulmonary fibrosis can develop, often for reasons unknown. The disease is not prejudice — anyone can be impacted by it. While research has resulted in treatment methods and some relief for those suffering, there is still no cure for this terminal illness. More work needs to be done.

September is Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month. To that end, Fluff Dog Grooming donated 50% of the money earned on all doggy shampoo services on September 15 to support research and advocacy for pulmonary fibrosis. The shop was completely booked that day, and the fundraiser was a success!

You can learn more about the signs and symptoms of this disease at the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation’s website, If you also wish to make a donation to support research and advocacy please visit their donations page by clicking here.


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