Fluff Dog of the Month: Nikki


This is Nikki. She’s a gentle, kind-hearted poodle who is groomed by Colette every Tuesday at Fluff Dog. She is also our October Fluff Dog of the Month!

Colette has a long history with Nikki’s family, who have been going to her for their dog grooming needs for many years now. When Fluff Dog opened over three years ago, they were the first to follow her there. I sat down with Colette in the shop the other day to find out more about this very special pooch.


How did Nikki come into your life?

The lady who owns her got her because I told her where to get her at.  Where she could get that kind of poodle. From the same breeder where I’ve gotten my poodles.

And how she did find out about you?

I have groomed two generations of dogs for her.

You have? Oh wow, that’s neat! So, how long have you been grooming Nikki?img_1547

Oh, for thirteen years now. Ever since she was a baby.

Does Nikki have any nicknames?

Nikki from Connicky. That’s what we call her around here.

How about her favorite treat?

Those little mini marrow bones. But to be honest, any kind of treat. Her mom brings in those mini marrow bones, because Nikki loves them so much.

When is Nikki happiest?

When she’s with her grandma.

Does she have any funny quirks that you’d like to share?

She likes her treat after she’s been groomed. She always expects that. Oh, you know, they told me when they’re stirring up her food she likes to grab a stuffed toy and kill it all over the house, she’s so excited. She does that every night, she said.

img_1548That’s so funny! But otherwise, you would say she has a calm personality? She’s a sweet girl.

Yeah, yeah she is. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.



What’s one your favorite things your dog does? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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