Fluff Dog of the Month: Gabby


Meet our November Fluff Dog of the Month, Gabby Doodle! She is a really lovable mini Labradoodle, who comes into Fluff Dog every few weeks to get beautified by her favorite groomer, Vicki. Barely just over a year old, Gabby is already quite the accomplished pup — she excels in all kinds of canine sports, like parkour and circus class, and has already been titled AKC Rally Novice!

Vicki loves having Gabby as regular, and notes the particular way she likes to be groomed. “Gabby is the only dog that prefers to lie on her back for grooming. She is super sweet and just wants to snuggle while I groom her,” says Vicki.

Vicki and Gabby

Gabby’s mom answered our Fluff Dog of the Month questions so we can all get to know a little more about this special girl:

How did Gabby become part of your family?

My daughter and her partner have a wonderful mini Labradoodle. So when I decided to get a dog, I knew this was the kind I wanted. I used the same breeder and was lucky to have a wonderful older female puppy that had been returned by another family. I had a name picked out, but when I saw her, Gabby (the name the breeder gave her) was perfect. She was 14 weeks.

Does Gabby have a nickname?

It’s always Gabby.

What is one Gabby’s favorite toys or treats?

Favorite treat – BarS chicken hot dogs.

Sporty Gabby

When is Gabby happiest?

Gabby is happiest when she’s snuggling with people. Every morning when Gabby comes out of her crate, first thing we sit on the deck. She jumps up on to my lap and lies like a baby to have her belly rubbed. Her other happy place is the spa with Vicki.

Does Gabby have any funny quirks or anything else about her that you’d like to share?

Not so much quirks but she’s a Starbucks regular and can hardly wait for her whipped cream! She had terrific training and socialization at Dodger’s Paws puppy class and puppy social as well as with Jennifer, her day care trainer, who took her out with other dogs hiking and training all over the Bay Area. As she gained confidence, she got better at agility and enjoyed learning all sorts of fun activities, like balancing on a teeter-totter, sitting on a small bowl, and balancing on a Bosu ball.


Does your dog any nicknames or favorite treats? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

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