Fluff Dogs of the Month: Sprocket & Nala

Nala (upper right) and Sprocket

Meet Sprocket and Nala! These two cuties don’t live in the same house, but Sprocket’s mom is also the mother of Nala’s mom. They are regulars  at Fluff Dog, and come in to get fresh and clean and all done up every three to four weeks! Colleen and Michelle are the groomers for both Sprocket and Nala (they take turns grooming them). The pair have been coming to the shop pretty much since it opened. I interviewed groomer Michelle to learn more about them!

How did Sprocket and Nala become Fluff Dog clients?

I believe they just stopped by the shop one day not long after we first opened and have been coming in since.

Do you have any nicknames for them?

I call Sprocket Mr. Spacely [laughs].

Do they have any funny quirks you know about?

Sprocket’s mom said that he gets depressed if his fur gets too long, so he has to come

Sprocket getting pampered at Fluff Dog

in often. And Sprocket is like Nala’s security blanket. She used to be very shy and scared, and now she comes to the shop with Sprocket, not necessarily happy, but she can relax after being there bit with Sprocket there to make her feel better.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Sprocket likes getting groomed. He actually really enjoys it.


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