Fluff Dog of the Month: Taco

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 8.06.05 PM
This bandana is making Taco hungry

This is Taco, our January Fluff Dog of the Month! He is a yorkie-poo that’s been getting his “so-fresh and so-clean” look at Fluff Dog since the day the shop opened. Groomer Michelle has known Taco’s family (which is also my family) since she was in elementary school, so it was a given that they would bring him to Fluff once it opened. Although he’s a good boy at the shop, he eagerly awaits going back home to be with his favorite human, his dad. I asked Taco’s family to answer some questions about their spunky and sweet terrier mix.

How did Taco become part of your family?

We chose him from a litter in Castro Valley.

How did you come up with his name?

Taco looking straight dapper

Our family loves tacos.

At Fluff Dog, we call Taco all kinds of names: Teeko, Teacan, Tuco. Do you have any nicknames for him?


What is one of his favorite toys or treats?


When is he happiest?

On his daily walks, or when he finds steak in his bowl.

Taco’s “before” look. On his way to Fluff Dog with me, Autnie Bree

Does Taco have any funny quirks that you’d like to share?

He loves humans more than other dogs. He also buries his bones and toys in the backyard or under blankets inside.


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