Fluff Dog of the Month: Lulu


This is Lulu! Isn’t she incredibly adorable? You may have already noticed her hanging out at Fluff Dog — she’s a regular in the shop! Lulu works her mega cute magic to get every ounce of human affection from us she possibly can whenever she’s there, and we’re all so happy to oblige her. I mean, who could resist giving this sweet girl belly rubs when she asks for them?

Lulu is our February Fluff Dog of the Month — the month of love is the perfect month to honor this oh-so lovable girl! I asked her mom some questions about Lulu so we all can learn a little bit more about her.

How did Lulu become part of your family?

Lulu is my first ever dog.  Tom “made” me wait until I retired, which was a very good decision.  We used Petfinders.com, a huge network of online shelters and rescue programs in the Bay Area.  Lulu was the first email we got.  She was waiting at the Milo Foundation in Point Richmond to come home with us for her forever home.

How did you come to name her?  

Lulu popped into my head once we realized we were getting her. (We had to wait img_2158.jpgtwo days because at the estimated age of three Lulu still had not been fixed.) Tom wasn’t crazy about it so I explained that her formal name would be Lucile after the San Francisco Giants mascot.  He said okay.

Does Lulu have a nickname(s)?  

I often call her girlie.  The AMAZING ladies at Fluff Dog call her Louie.  Tom’s names for her are not spell-able.  

What is one her favorite toys or treats?  

We think because she is a rescue that Lulu lives in fear of not having enough food…she is food obsessed.  We have had a blast discovering that Lulu loves very soft and small toys that have lots over ears and legs, like rabbits and lambs and sloths.

img_3179When is she happiest?  

Two things: when she is eating and when she is attached to a human being in some way (lap, next to the human sitting up or lying down OR lying in the warm sun.

Does Lulu have any funny quirks that you’d like to share?

She loves green beans.





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