Pet-Friendly Places: Lake Del Valle

Ghost taking in the sights and sounds

If you’ve been into the shop lately on a Tuesday or Thursday then you may have seen the new addition to my family: my husky puppy, Ghost. Now that I have a dog in my life again, I get to explore the world with a four-legged partner, just like all of you. This also gives me the perfect excuse to cover more Pet-Friendly Places to share with you guys. Since Ghost’s doc gave the okay for us to begin our outdoor adventures we headed to Lake Del Valle Regional Park for the day.

Lake Del Valle Highlights:

  • Open year-year round.
  • Within relatively short driving distance from Fluff Dog.
  • Dozens of on-leash dog-friendly trails, and one off-leash Dog Run Trail.

    View from East Shore Trail
  • Plenty of barbecue pits and picnic tables so you can hang out in the park all day, if you so desire (your pooch will surely want to).
  • Beautiful campgrounds for those who wish to extend their stay.

Although it’s a bit of a drive, Del Valle is one of my favorite places to go in the Bay Area when I’m in need of the restorative power of Mother Nature (which is often). It’s tucked away in the eastern hills of Livermore. A drive through wine country makes for a scenic and peaceful one, and with the right auditory entertainment the voyage can be rather enjoyable. In my opinion, the drive can be half the fun, and we all know how much our furry friends

The park has snack shacks (open in the warmer months) and ample bathrooms throughout

love taking in the sights while cruising around.

The park is typically packed during the warmer seasons, but I love going in the winter when only a handful of outdoorsy types can be occasionally spotted. Since Ghost is still a young girl, we kept our trek pretty mellow and followed the East Shore Trail. It borders the lake and offers fantastic views. There was wild geese and other aerial-bound creatures that certainly caught Ghost’s attention. Some people might find the quiet of the park in the winter a bit eerie, but I find it calms the soul and helps recharge me so I can once again deal with the madness that is I-580 in the morning.

The warmer seasons have their appeal too. There are tables and barbecue pits strewn about the whole park. You can easily spend an entire day there. I used to go with my family and last husky. We’d bring different sports balls and games and lots of food— it was the perfect recipe for fun and bonding and memory-making. The park also has excellent campgrounds which are dog friendly! I don’t know about you guys, but sleeping under the stars with my furry BFF sounds like the perfect escape.img_2232

For more information on Lake Del Valle, including hours of operation, directions, dog rules and more please visit their website at


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