Fluff Dog of the Month: Harley


This is Harley, our March Fluff Dog of the Month! This sweet girl is one of Groomer Vicki’s regulars. You may remember seeing her as the star of the video, “Backstage at Fluff Dog Grooming” (the clip will be re-posted below).

It’s always a delight to see Harley in the shop! I asked her family to answer some questions about her, and here’s what they had to say:

How did Harley become part of your family?

I found her on Ebay Pets 2015 had to drive to Suisun City to get her and she was worth the drive.

How did you come up with her name?

Well, my boyfriend and I were thinking of getting a Harley and because we did not 20160321_175027-1get it that year I used my money to get my dog so I called her Harley.  The house joke is I got my Harley before he got his. Now he has his.

 Does Harley have a nickname(s)?

I call her Noomey sometimes.

What is one her favorite toys or treats?

She has these two hand puppets one is white and one is brown.  Those were one of her first toys. We call them Dusty and Crusty because they are so beat up. But she loves them.

 When is she happiest?

When I give her a good beef bone, she’s in a zone.

 Does Harley have any funny quirks that you’d like to share?

She does this dance when each family member comes home.




VIDEO: Backstage at Fluff Dog Grooming (Starring Harley!) 

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