Fluff Dog of the Month: Gizmo

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Meet Gizmo, our April Fluff Dog of the Month! He’s a Saturday regular, and such a cutie pie (as you can see)! Gizmo was one of the winners of the Fluff Dog Halloween Costume Contest last year — you may remember seeing him in his adorable triceratops outfit!

His family answered some questions about him so we could all get to know a little bit more about this sweet guy:

What is Gizmo’s breed and age?

Gizmo is a Shorkie (half shih-tzu, half yorkie). He will be 9-years old in May and a whopping 7 (or maybe 8) lbs.

How did Gizmo become part of your family?with my sister in our spring outfits

Dad had a pure bred Maltese named Biscuit. Unfortunately, Biscuit passed away due to health complications. Dad started a search for mixed breed (Maltese/ShihTzus/Yorkies) and came across Gizmo’s breeder. There were 3 sets of puppies (12 in total). When he saw Gizmo he was the dog with the biggest appetite. He was playing with his soon to be dad when suddenly he heard the dog food being poured out… he pushed his way past all 12 pups to eat. Dad fell in love and knew he was the one. They both shared the same love of food. Dad got Gizmo before he met mom. Mom used to have a pekingese/shihtzu mix so when they first met, dad asked mom to go on a doggy play date. Now we are a family of 4 with mom, dad, Gizmo and his sister Pikachu (3.5 lb Pomeranian (aka “monster”)!

before mom & dad's weddingHow did you come up with his name?

He looks like Gizmo from the moving Gremlins!

Does Gizmo have a nickname(s)?

Giz, Gizzy, Gizzy Bear.

What is one his favorite toys or treats?

He loves all of his toys (and he has a lot!) but has an obsession with empty water bottles. The crackling sound gets him running from all directions. He also likes to play with anything he can chase (terrier side of him). He loves all treats, but the one he can’t resist are dad’s chips. He can be in any room ofbefore i found fluff dog grooming the house and just hearing the bag will make him come running for the hopes dad drops a crumb or two.

When is he happiest?

When he is watching TV on the couch with his mom and dad. He just loves his family, even his little sister (who can get annoying at times).

Does Gizmo have any funny quirks that you’d like to share?

Gizmo LOVES watching TV. He loves TV so much his dad will sometimes record showsimage1-1 specifically for him (i.e. Planet Earth). He’ll sit with us or even by himself for hours. The funniest moment was we were on vacation and his god mom sent a pic of him glued to the TV. It turns out he was watching “The Flash” by himself at his god mom’s! It’s a show he watches with his dad every week so he was catching up without us! Funny to know he is actually paying attention!

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