Fluff Dog of the Month: Max


Our May Fluff Dog of the Month is Max! He has one of those adorable teddy-bear faces that instantly melts your heart. On top of being all kinds of cute, Max is a pretty chill guy with an insatiable appetite. Get all the details from his mom in our a Q&A below.

What is Max’s breed (if known) and age?

Lhasa Apso, 10 years old.

How did Max become part of your family?

We adopted him from Norcal Dog Rescue/San Jose Toy Breed Rescue. Original owners wanted him euthanized, but the vet on call had them surrender him.

How did you come up with his name?

His previous owners named him and the rescue kept it. He answers to it, so we left it.

Max and his fam


Does Max have a nickname(s)?

Little One. Baby, Buddy, Killer…Tony wanted to call him “Lemon” because of all his health issues when we first got him, but I said NO!

What is one his favorite toys or treats?

Any squeeky toy and ANYTHING edible.

When is he happiest?

At the shop

When he is with his ‘People’- Mommy and Daddy

Does Max have any funny quirks that you’d like to share?

Barks more in his sleep than awake, will play fetch for only one minute and then he’s done. Let’s me rock him in my arms like a baby.








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