Fluff Dogs of the Month: Diamond and Destiny

img_2712This is Diamond and Destiny, our August Fluff Dogs of the Month! This adorable duo have been clients of Fluff Dog for quite some time. You can learn more about these sweeties by reading this interview with their human.

What is their breed (if known) and ages?

Diamond:  Maltese/Terrier Mix and 12 years old. Destiny: Mini Poodle/Terrier Mix, 7 years old.

How did Diamond and Destiny become part of your family?

I saw a picture of Diamond online from a private owner that could no longer take care of her.  I adopted her on the spot just from looking at her picture, I knew I already loved her. Offered to pay for her upfront.  

I was looking for a playmate for Diamond, so I went to the Oakland Shelter to adopt a dog that I saw online.  When I got there, the dog I wanted had already been adopted, so I was disappointed and started to leave. I saw this small scrawny dog in the second chance area.  She was laying on her back looking at me as if to say, please save me. Her given name at the shelter was Raggedy Ann. She had just had ear surgery and all of her hair was shaved off due to matting and fleas.  I knew I had to take her home. The shelter did not want to give her to me at the time, because they said she was on medication and had behavior issues. I convinced the shelter to let me take her home and she is the perfect addition to our family.

How did you come up with their names?

Diamond’s name was her given name when I adopted her and Destiny was given herimg_2711 name (It was her destiny to be with our family).

Do Diamond and Destiny have any nickname(s)?

Diamond’s nickname is Fluffy, and Destiny’s nickname is Spunky.

What is one of their favorite toys or treats?

Diamond favorite treat is Doggie ice cream or yogurt, and Destiny likes all snacks and plays with a room full of stuffed toys.

When are they happiest?

They are happiest when I take them on their daily walks in the morning and evenings. They also like it when I just lay around the house and watch TV. You would swear that they are enjoying the TV show with me as well.  When I am at work, I leave the TV on SpongeBob Squarepants. Their favorite show.

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